Hack Ogden 2014 – “Growth Hacking: Intro, Examples, & Suggestions”

Future Insights Live 2012 – “Using Your Data To Find a Better Web”

Many startups concentrate on their UX efforts through (hopefully) running a series of targeted A/B tests to move beyond the “what” metrics to figuring the “why”. Very few use comparative data sets during this period and even less figure out that these A/B test methods are long and ineffective.

A new method emerging is one of automated testing or simply using current data and user interactions to build out a UX. A great example is the Huffington Post, which does a form of crowd-sourced A/B testing in real-time to determine how their users want to receive headlines.

There are more and more code libraries for integrating this method into your core product such as phpab and A/Bingo.

WordCamp Birmingham 2012 – “Stop Creating Data for the Sake of Creating Data”

WordPress is on over 70+ million sites – 15% of the web. With that much of the web relative to one another, we now have a platform that allows us to access the deep answers of design, development, and content creation.

PressNomics 2012 – “WordPress Themes & Plugins: A Data Story”

WordCamp Salt Lake City 2012: “Best Practices: Developing WordPress Themes & Plugins”