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5 Whys. This methodology was formed by the founder of Toyota, Sakichi Toyoda, to help solve problems at scale. When a problem occurs, ask “why” five times to try to find the source of the problem, then put into place something to prevent the problem from recurring.


The vehicle will not start. (the problem)

  • Why? – The battery is dead. (first why)
  • Why? – The alternator is not functioning. (second why)
  • Why? – The alternator belt has broken. (third why)
  • Why? – The alternator belt was well beyond its useful service life and not replaced. (fourth why)
  • Why? – The vehicle was not maintained according to the recommended service schedule. (fifth why, a root cause)

It’s a simple construct that allows you to quickly go beyond the initial scope of a problem that can yield huge benefits down the road.

First Principles Method

Another way to think about this approach is called first principles. The approach is very similar to the 5 Whys. This method was made famous by Elon Musk in his quest of creating SpaceX:

When looking at a problem, don’t assume any starting point for a solution based on what you already know, but work hard to strip it back, removing all your existing biases and known constraints, until you can’t strip it back anymore. Until you are at a point where nothing can be deduced from what you’re left with. You’re back to first principles, and you can start to build back up a new and better solution.

With either approach, the basic premise is the best way to truly solve a problem is getting to its root. It’s this foundational understanding that yields the greatest opportunity.

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The regular license allows you to customize, store and even host your website using your platform

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The regular license allows you to customize, store and even host your website using your platform

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God I love Variant! Im pretty particular about aesthetics and usually need to focus at the desk to get everything how I want, now it’s just effortless. Can’t imagine using anything else other than Variant from now on.

Aaron Neo
Themeforest Customer

Stack is beautiful and the Variant builder is amazing. Stack sets a new standard of quality everyone should strive to achieve. I have bought a few themes from tommusrhodus and medium_rare but Stack is my favorite by far.

Themeforest Buyer

This is insane! The Variant Page Builder with the 270 pre-made interface blocks are making building a nice website a breeze.

Themeforest Customer

Communication, design and responsiveness mean this developer is a top pick for my sites!

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