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Through the ebbs and flows of life, there are moments that remind you that you have something special in front of you. These moments are often fleeting as moments go, therefore it’s important to pause and take note. This is especially true if you work at a technology startup, which tends to be more volatile in nature. I believe I’m in of these moments and this post is a chance for me to do just that, pause and take note.

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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Or why technical advancements should be distributed across verticals & markets.

In 2010, Twilio launched their text messaging API service and began a revolution of sms-based communications within products and services. Fast forward six years and we’re still seeing a lot of growth around SMS integration and now, the proliferation of SMS-only products and services such as GoButler.

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You can't steer a parked car.

Methods for Problem Solving

Solving problems using the First Principles method and the 5 Whys method.

Creating value and changing the world is all about problem solving. Either socially, economically, or technically. Even if your life pursuit is not about changing the world, you’re still faced with problems big and small every day.

Most problems that occur in life are not usually the root problem. In that, the problem facing you is actually an effect of another problem. When faced with a problem, your first instinct is to quickly resolve it. This is often the case in work environments where the pace is quick and people are looking for answers. The effect of this is that by not addressing the root problem, future problems can and probably will arise.

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Scrape LinkedIn Profiles to CSV with Node.js

I recently wrote this node script to read LinkedIn profiles from a CSV and scrap the data from each into a new CSV. If you’re interesting in analyzing employee or market data, this is a great way to source the data.

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Sourcing Utah Startup Data From AngelList using Node.js and R

Whenever I want to learn something new, it helps to think of a project or use case that I can work on rather than just learning snippets here and there. For a while now I’ve been tinkering with node.js and R. I’ve really begin to adore these two, especially when it comes to data. Sourcing data with node.js is a glorious thing and analyzing that data with R is even better. At Equation, we’re engulfed with data day in and day out so ramping up on these two has been great.

I’ve been looking forward to the upcoming StartFEST, Utah’s very own startup festival. Since I’m focused on data, I wondered if I could get some context on the current startup ecosystem in Utah. I decided to take some time and use this opportunity to use node.js and R to pull together some data. Below are the steps I took to gather and display the data using node.js and R.

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PHP Execution of Transact-SQL Stored Procedures on MS SQL Server

There is an interesting nuance when executing Transact-SQL stored procedures from PHP that I’ve run into. It seems that if your stored procedure has multiple Transact-SQL statements, PHP will only execute the first statement. This doesn’t mean that you can’t return multiple result sets, they just need to be in one Transact-SQL block or have one block and other queries that do use any variables ran normally prior or after the Transact-SQL block.

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Bootstrap Popover Option Menu

I needed a way to provide several views through a small flow, one being a form similar to:

I was already using a Bootstrap popover for another option so I started there. Here is something quick I put together if you ever need to do the same:

See the Pen NPyPap by George (@grgaortiz) on CodePen.

A New Era for Storytelling

Data Science As A Service

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an evolution of services available on the web and in mobile. Initially we had software as a service that was primarily made up of email platforms and then turned into pretty much everything. This included project management, finance, social, content, and everything in between. From there we got platform as a service or architecture as a service. This included APIs, servers, databases, and more. Most of the startups that launched over the past year could be found in this space. Lately however, there appears to be another evolution on the horizon. I’m calling it Data Science or AI as a Service.

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