Or why technical advancements should be distributed across verticals & markets.

In 2010, Twilio launched their text messaging API service and began a revolution of sms-based communications within products and services. Fast forward six years and we’re still seeing a lot of growth around SMS integration and now, the proliferation of SMS-only products and services such as GoButler.

There are similar examples where a technology becomes more accessible, either by cost or scalability, and it advances throughout the market exponentially until it’s a commodity-like feature.

In these examples, including SMS, there seems to be a consistent pocket of verticals that are slow to adopt these new technologies and due to the rate of technical advancement, never reach the point of integration.

Be cautious when disregarding a technology due to perceived market saturation. In the case of SMS, it may seem like everyone is doing it, however there are many verticals where introducing SMS into relative problem sets would have tremendous disruptive value.