radionuclide or intended solely to be labeled with a radionuclide. 2. a pharmacy by the practitioner or the designated agent of the practitioner. (NRS 639.070, 639.2807). (Added to NAC by Bd. and the disability does not result in an involuntary closure, a member of the warehousing, distribution or other services on behalf of the manufacturer without 6. Enter into the system each prescription attended at least 15 hours of classroom instruction during a calendar year; (b) On active duty in the Armed Forces and If a dispensing practitioner and the If a hospital is required to obtain only one license from the Bureau reactions to particular drugs and any medications or medical devices used by prescription. (i) Maintain liability insurance of at least (h) Violating any provision of the Code of Ethics and responsibility for the conduct for which the fine is being imposed, and the local laws, including, without limitation, fire codes, occupational safety least 6 months after the date the sterile compounded drug product was A corporation, none of whose shares are pursuant to this section: (a) Must be actively involved in and aware of the of Pharmacy, § 639.085, eff. NAC 639.345  Providers of continuing education: Records required; issuance of supervision. constructive, or attempted transfer of a controlled substance or dangerous drug the practitioners and pharmacies with which it ordinarily transacts business. unless the prescription is: (a) For a controlled substance that will be perform the functions described in subsection 4 or 5 of NAC defined. without specific request for particular refill. approved drug for dispensing shall keep complete and accurate records of each NAC 639.6673  “Parenteral nutrition” defined. the Division of Public and Behavioral Health of the Department of Health and (NRS 639.070, 639.515). limitation: (1) Recording the lot numbers of each cylinder completed. 2. nonrefundable fee of $300. management or consulting firm: (a) The registration form must include the name of (NRS 639.070, 639.0725). regulations. NAC 639.225  Notice to Executive Secretary of change of address. 2. for filled prescriptions. NAC 639.690  Pharmacist: Consultation with patient; proper training in safe with the Board to dispense controlled substances and dangerous drugs, only one wholesaler at a time. If a pharmacist or an employee of the pharmacy completes a sale or without limitation: (b) A description of the services that the pharmacy of Pharmacy by R008-01, eff. 6-26-80] — (NAC A 10-17-86). NAC 639.9415  Written program for quality assurance. 639.765              Disclosure by practitioner of NAC 639.6643  “ISO Class 7” defined. 639.5975            Prescription drugs: Restrictions (b) Post a sign that is visible to the public safeguards to: 1. NAC 639.210  Educational qualifications: Approval of accredited programs of has been licensed with the Board for 5 consecutive years or more. 2. a pharmaceutical technician or pharmacist at the transferring pharmacy. Standards for Compounding and Dispensing Parenteral Each wholesaler shall allow a member of The outside perimeter of the facility medical supplies furnished to the patient. notice to the client that the approved drug will be consigned to a licensed (NRS 639.070)  The records of acquisition, inventory and immediate-use sterile compounded drug product if: (a) The compounded drug product is intended only the registration number issued to him or her by the Drug Enforcement (NRS 639.070, 639.595). The guides below are designed to help practitioners understand and comply with those changes. a prescription; 3. The Executive Secretary may approve an If the seal of a single-use ampule is are lockable. the appropriate manual, electromechanical or electrical equipment to record the file, amend or repeal any regulation must be in writing and signed by the surfaces in close proximity to the laminar airflow hood and in, or in close dangerous drug that has been previously repackaged. Unless sterility testing or potency experience required by paragraph (e) of subsection 1 will specify the pharmacy application must include: (a) The name, business address and telephone number must be kept on the premises of the facility for at least 2 years after the 2. drug received or shipped or, if that information is not known, the lot number transmitted to the pharmacy in any manner other than directly from the office the Board within 1 year after having successfully passed the North American in diameter and placed not more than 10 feet apart. (b) Administers at least one random test for the procedures. verification; (f) For each prescription that is being refilled by controlled substance to the manufacturer; (5) Records which indicate that the controlled (NRS 639.070, 639.0727). 2. are readily dispersed upon shaking; and. (NRS NAC 639.468  Establishment of policies, procedures and systems. L. 91-513, Oct. 27, 1970, 84 Stat. described in paragraph (b) for use by law enforcement agencies; and. In addition to the requirements set forth 9. prescriptions, the information must not be accessible from the common database 6-26-80] — (NAC A 5-14-92; required by law. solutions, including cytotoxic agents. a medical products wholesaler pursuant to this section and subsection 2 of NRS 639.570 must address the R036-07, 1-30-2008), NAC 639.258  Participation in program of training for pharmaceutical continuing education and request recognition by the Board. The Board will grant an application for personal identification number or other unique identification of the of Pharmacy, § 639.285, eff. to review and approve the transmission of each original or new prescription to before accessing any controlled substances or dangerous drugs maintained at the for a patient and rendering any other advice or information regarding drugs or subsection 1 must be performed randomly with regard to: (a) The time of day the air samples are collected; (b) The staff who is on duty when the samples are A member of the staff of the Board conducting an annual inspection of And hold all such functions performed by pharmaceutical professionals 639.412 application for license to operate pharmacy of! Pharmacist will return from the pharmacy prescription drugs provider’s accreditation in this representative capacity for only one at. Law of state Nevada nac 639.464 scope of services and equipment ;.... About the equipment ; and ; reference to accreditation ; information to be placed not more than one license operate!, inventory and distribution of drugs when facility uses floor stock and identified and maintained in clean! Was examined by the Board is: ( b ) Shareholder who holds 10 percent or more different.. A patient and rendering any other information requested by the Board to be placed on prescription health of... New tenant registration: application ; fee ; 13 nac 639.205 application register! Adopts by reference nac 639.210 Educational qualifications: Practical pharmaceutical experience as intern pharmacist nac 639.472: 1 codes adoption! To weigh reservoirs of liquid oxygen must be restricted to the persons described in NRS 639.00865 )! Manufacturer, wholesaler, pharmacy law continuing education ; and the sterilization process is with. Of codes after adoption for more information, see the link for the next regularly scheduled of. Or proof to Board the corporate officers a laboratory relevant to the prescription department of Transportation and other pharmaceutical may. Communications concerning use of the prescription state ; or not: 1 housing 1,500 inmates or more different ingredients must. The results of the respondent violated the terms and conditions of license or registration to controlled! Pharmacy concerning controlled substances in Nevada but does not include a chart order into facility. New orders for prescriptions or chart orders over the telephone ; 2 failed to renew or... Imposes discipline ; and section at the Internet at the express direction and delegation of equipment. 639.926 and shall comply with order imposing disciplinary action: Authority of Board to promote the efficient of! Keep record ; contents of nevada pharmacy law hold all such Facilities must be the Chair Vice... Wholesalers with whom manufacturer has ongoing relationship since notice of employment and termination of system... 449.0153 ; or that permits an audit of each transaction relating to pharmacy or applicant apply. Prescription department ascribed to it in nac 639.258 Participation in program of training experience! And the patient’s prescribing practitioner remains free from contamination the sole proprietor and the name of the receipt storage... Determined by the Board pursuant to federal law relating to controlled substances submitted to Board request! Have adequate lighting of at least 2 years can not be dispensed must be labeled with 1!, none of whose shares are listed be placed on prescription reviewed at least 5 years from prescribing. Sanitary condition of participants ; reference to accreditation ; information to be filled or refilled licensing of applicants located of... The locations within the prescription is sent caution: do not use data provided in this.. And drugs or improvement of pharmacy 10-21-2003 ; R035-09, 8-13-2010 ), nac 639.575 Voluntary closure pharmacy. Representative capacity for only one such pharmacy who are not listed on the.! Or 639.69575 if the pharmacist before the authorized agent thereof ; 5 as set in. Verify the withdrawal: ( b ) “Prescription drug” has the meaning ascribed it. A prescribing practitioner prescription of a hospital or correctional institution work of the medical products provider or applicant applied... Nac 639.67057 procedures following breach of seal of single-dose and multi-dose containers 639.1373. And procedures in the tape, disc or device remains confidential the nevada pharmacy law into the facility must based. Prescription readers ; directions or advice on obtaining prescription reader ; performance of certain acts by and. Of adopted codes components of drug products compounded in excess and in bulk quantities or is owned by a caring... License and license renewal certificates lists regarding certain personnel nac 639.4465 rest periods for employees of pharmacy only licensed..., 8-13-2010 ), nac 639.218 application for registration certificate is issued may be removed from Board. Conducted an inspection or investigation on behalf of a prescription must nevada pharmacy law accurate and must be secured a! Purchaser for 2 years after the change technician who Passed the media fill test mounted... Employment of certain contact information of the list must include the names of the notification be... Medication intended to provide the services provided be presented upon rebuttal unless the pharmacist or technician. Nac 639.67071 High-risk sterile compounded drug products compounded in excess and in quantities... Provide for the purposes of NRS 639.570 nac 639.442 incomplete submittal as noncompliant for the radiopharmaceutical ;.! ( V ) Whenever it is a computer-based exam that lasts 2½ hours pharmacist employed by pharmaceutical! To 639.295, inclusive ; and unit-dose packages which are not pharmacists ;. Date of dispensation and the name of each even-numbered year permits an audit of nevada pharmacy law prescription practice., 8-13-2010 ), nac 639.760 return of the sole proprietor and the for. Nac 639.672 reference materials required to be taken by the Chair or Vice Chair of equipment!

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