FlexJobs is a good job board for people with skills and experience in technology looking for a flexible job. FlexJobs works with both employers and potential employees to create a website where professional companies looking for telecommuting workers can be partnered with people who are not looking to get rich quick, but rather are simply looking for a job they can do from home. On my freelance search, as I discussed above, I found a few listing going back months, not weeks. I'm sure you know how to contact me if you'd like to provide more details on any of your experiences. Right now you can sign up with this link and use the voucher code of “NEWYEAR” to get the following discounts: Jump in fast for this particular discount, as it ends on January 10th 2021. Highlights: Submit 5 job posts for consideration at no cost. FlexJobs Review: FlexJobs attracts remote working professionals from over 60 job categories, be they part-time, freelance, or flexible. I’ve tried them over the last three years, and if you can afford the one time price, the $4.95 monthly it turns out to be is nice for one stop shopping. The results were not very ideal for me. However, you never know if it may be posted the next day, week or month. Questions and comments are responded to immediately. I’ve also spoken to some readers who’ve subscribed, and shared their experiences. Find out in this review. It's actually something she's pretty uncomfortable with but does when needed to help the company. A scattering of inaccurate results in these searches is common, and it’s often simply because a particular word features in the job advert text. Unfortunately, it’s a reality that sometimes people will not see eye-to-eye and will be unhappy about the outcomes, which we’re sorry for. Because I’m getting otherwise ignored when I apply for jobs locally (I’m in Toronto) and it’s quite frustrating. Hi Diana, Thanks for your comment. Yes, while the advanced search still throws up some odd stuff, the new widget (which is rather “hidden in plan sight”) seems to be dramatically better! There are also plenty of freelance roles on FlexJobs – 1582, to be precise, at the time of writing. There is an upbeat energy here. The site has a solid reputation and it’s easy to find online praise from those who’ve found the perfect flexible job as a result of signing up. The company is small enough that they can tell who is who in any suggested or negative comments. I signed up for the 1 year subscription with a promocode. This person not only leads their profession in every way, but they are a natural leader. The new weekly FlexJobs membership gives you a good opportunity to test out the site and get a feel for things. FlexJobs is a great company and one of the best groups of people that I’ve ever worked with. Thanks so much for taking the time to give your thoughts and for the feedback on advancement opportunities. The CEO contradicts herself and changes her mind constantly. They evangelize and advocate for remote and flexible work, which is awesome. sign up with this link and use the voucher code of “NEWYEAR”, FlexJobs’ closest rival, Virtual Vocations, completing a course on Coursera or somewhere similar, read this to find out how to convince your boss to let you work from home, 2020 Into 2021: Looking Backwards – and Forwards, Remote Work and Freelancing Statistics: The Ultimate List, How to Manage your Mental Health when you Work from Home, The 11 Best Cool Office Gadgets for Home Working, PODCAST S2/E8: Interview with Lisette Sutherland, Collaboration Superpowers, Black Friday Roundup: Invest in Yourself for Less. Don't you dare do it until you read the complaints against FlexJobs.com. The service is great for job-seekers. Hannah, who was recently hired for a full-time role found on the site, said this: “Overall it was a super positive experience. The founder and CEO is genuine and a real person. Unfortunately, not everyone has been able to or chosen to stay with FlexJobs through all of those changes. But by making use of the considerable range of advanced search parameters, you can drill down to the exact kind of job you’re looking for. It’s a scramble and feels like the company is constantly teetering on the edge. FlexJobs really doesn’t cost a lot of money. While it makes little difference the core functionality, it makes the site more enjoyable to browse and work with – more on that below. There are a variety of factors to take into account. No one knows what the company goals are because there is no clear communication. While there isn’t a fully-fledged free trial on offer for FlexJobs, you can still browse a lot of the site and get an idea of what’s on offer. I agree on your findings. Peers are normal and nice. Yes, there are platforms out there where you can find remote jobs for free. That’s why I provide dozens of completely free articles on this site including this one (link) that offers strategies for using time and effort rather than money to uncover these jobs. Junior employees are micro-managed on a variety of levels and just generally treated like inferior team members. I have been working at FlexJobs part-time for more than 5 years. FlexJobs is also the top rated remote jobs website among Hobo with a Laptop readers. We've understood that everyone has different comfort levels with change, and it can be difficult to adapt to shifts in strategy. FlexJobs is a unique and very special place. You can do a quick Google search to find them! Before I joined the site, I had already seen lots of reviews on how amazing and incredible their services were but I could not trust some of these reviews. FlexJobs: What You Need to Know Before You Sign Up . Sometimes this is down to how jobs have been categorised, but sometimes the text search can throw up strange results. The functionality here is extensive, but I remain unconvinced of how worthwhile it is. FlexJobs certainly gives you plenty of information when you hit the user dashboard. FlexJobs is legit, and could be where you find a remote job or your next freelance gig. Flexible and remote. Try a month or two and if you land a gig, great news! Everyone is valued. FlexJobs includes various supplementary features. Frequent promotions and FlexJobs coupon codes often bring the fees down even lower – read on for more on that. Start your FlexJobs subscription here. FlexJobs is a great company and one of the best groups of people that I’ve ever worked with. However, it’s important to realise that subscribing won’t do miracles. I do recommend at least trying it but if you’re in the creative field, I wish you luck. It’s a useful compliment to the information in the Learning Center. I live in Canada. Really though, if you are serious about finding your perfect work from home job, using the platform over a longer period will probably give you a much better chance. This will replace the current featured review for targeted profile. non US) jobs than it was when we first reviewed it a few years ago. Narrowing down for entry-level, 100% remote-based work, the number of listings falls down to 546. There is no transparency. My department has an intense cohesion, despite being scattered across the country. FlexJobs is a wonderful place to work, with an important mission and an awesome culture that is collaborative, supportive, fun, and innovative, all at once. Brought to you by Responsive Computing Ltd. © 2020. It’s therefore worth paying attention to when each job was posted. In fairness we face the same challenges with our own remote job board – worth a look if you’re in the market for a FlexJobs free alternative! It has been widely promoted as a telecommuting job source that is legitimate because FlexJobs verifies the telecommuting jobs before they are listed. There are no career opportunities or development and the pay is sub-par. Great mission and heart! Consider other opportunities. It's an important part of her job. And you could be called out in front of everyone for your “anonymous” remarks and then a grudge will be held against you. No one working there knows if the company is even profitable. The good news is that they respond quickly to the feedback. FlexJobs is completely legit and has a strong online reputation. A few I saw on this recent update include Sony, Cap Gemini and Thrive. There are currently more than 31,000 available jobs from 5,500 companies. Read this article with interest. Copyright © 2008–2020, Glassdoor, Inc. "Glassdoor" and logo are registered trademarks of Glassdoor, Inc. { "isFollowing": false, "isEEPActive": false, "isEiHeaderFollowBtnDos2Enabled": true }. Thought you may want to make an edit as well to: “FlexJobs has some negative points. However, I just don’t see these tests as a particularly alluring feature. While it's too late to fix your experience, if you'll reach out with details, we'd like the opportunity to learn and do better. I am ready to sign up. This costs $6.95 before any discount. I’ve heard from plenty of people who’ve found home-based jobs on FlexJobs. Flexible Work She experiences life’s challenges, just like everyone else, and is therefore sensitive to work-life balance needs. :). If you’ve decided you want to work remotely, you can try to uncover jobs that allow it on the traditional job boards, or do lots of time-consuming research into individual companies. Our team unit is very much a family and we ride on each other’s highs and get each other through rough patches. As a team and in our culture, we always aim to do our best to communicate as much as possible, to handle situations respectfully, and to consider both the short and long-term benefits for our team, our audience, our partners, and other key participants in the company. Whilst updating this review I search for “freelance writer,” and saw remote jobs for HR assistants and business analysts among the results. Home » Reviews » FlexJobs Review: Is FlexJobs Legit? That was it. The blog content is open to non-members as well, and you’ll find it here. If you prefer watching to reading, there’s a video review of Flexjobs here, where you can see some of the features in action. In fact, she encourages each team member’s unique approach to problem solving and embraces ideas for improving our product, services, and processes. That being said, the claims in the review that attack our company culture and team are greatly exaggerated and/or patently false. I see you truly going out of your way to provide depth and breadth in all of your writing. The remote job market is really no different to the “real world” ultimately – complete with jobs that have gone where the ads are still up, and lots of competition for the best roles. A Quick FlexJobs Review Summary: Is FlexJobs Legit? There is a strong sense of comradery within my team and among other teams. Thank you for taking the time to give your feedback! This is significant because FlexJobs’ closest … I would love the opportunity to talk with you directly to get a better understanding of your experiences, particularly around not being granted flexibility and being treated poorly. Many (not all) are more up-to-date than they were. I had one interview which resulted in a second interview and then the canned “We decided to go with another candidate” email. I mean, if I’m paying $5-$10 a month to be automatically trashed by an ATS system, I can get that for free already. This is the FlexJobs company profile. Some people do speak negatively about FlexJobs, but they are generally those who object to the general principle of paying any kind of subscription fee. (https://remote.co/). Search 4,362 Flex jobs now available on Indeed.com, the world's largest job site. At the end of the day, our hope would have been that the employee would have brought up some of these concerns as they came up, however, we wish them the best in their future endeavors. 4845 Pearl East Cir Ste 101 Ste 23790. The CEO and HR person have no idea what they are doing. Make good use of jobscan.co to highlights relevant skills needed for each job. FlexJobs also has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. As usual, I find your work thorough and as balanced as anything I see these days. ), Thank you so much for this comment, it made my day – especially the bit about my “uncompromising responses” – I’m a very patient person until I’m not . There are even some free courses, delivered via LinkedIn Learning. I was looking for Process Engineer, Process Architect, and Business Analysis roles, and every search attempt I made came up with nothing as a total match. Period. It’s honestly the least favorite part of our jobs. FlexJobs’ subscription fees vary depending on how long you sign up for. It is the reason that she started this company. non US) jobs than it was when we first reviewed it a few years ago. Working here has been the most rewarding, enjoyable, and fun professional experience I’ve ever had. My field is graphic design / video editing / web design (as a creative you’re expected to know all of those to a varying degree, these days). It’s so refreshing. It may not be worth the membership! She is so appreciative to everyone and the contribution that they bring. Many jobs are “100% remote,” while some are attached to a fixed location, with only some level of home working permitted. FlexJobs was incredibly detailed, resourceful, and helpful in finding me a job within two months in a pandemic! These aren’t always the fault of the job boards. Quite irritating to see a great opportunity and it take you to a page that doesn’t exist. Glassdoor will not work properly unless browser cookie support is enabled. It is rewarding work and it’s clear that we’re helping people make their lives better. Love how they treat their people. And I shall tell you why: The vast majority of the jobs on the platform have their own application processes. That’s certainly a good thing to hear Thanks for sharing your experience. - Career development and growth is a priority Simply signing up won’t win you a job, and some people will undoubtedly get more out of FlexJobs than others. I sincerely hope that you've found something that is a better fit and that makes you happy. I’ve spent a considerable length of time searching through the listings on FlexJobs over the years. While some people may find them useful, I’ve never seen them as particularly core to what you are paying for. FlexJobs Review Conclusion. These are very kind words and I'm thrilled that your experience is so overwhelmingly positive. There was enough “meat” there to attract me back several times in just a few days. With no income, no unemployment, no support. I work on a team that is endlessly supportive and selfless. Since the site lists only legitimate professional telecommuting, part-time, contract and other flexible positions, the company's entire staff works flexibly, some employees are part-time, some are full-time and ALL work from home. Hi..I just signed up for FlexJobs so I don’t have a review yet. I’m also always keeping an eye out for remote work, and Sarah Sutton Fell has remote.co which lets visitors drill down to remote jobs for free. It’s not perfect: The interface remains a little cluttered, although its fair to say the new design has gone a long way to putting this right. However, there is an unavoidable chance of finding outdated listings on FlexJobs. Are you sure you want to remove this review from being featured for targeted profile? ", "Love my job, love the work, love my team", "Supportive colleagues and overall great place to work! Thanks for this awesome review! FlexJobs Review: Is FlexJobs Worth It? UPDATE 2019: The SAVE30 code is outdated, but FlexJobs frequently offers similar discounts throughout the year. Continue to be impressed with the quality of your offerings, Ben. One bolt-on feature I’ve never been very enthusiastic about is free access to a large collection of “FlexJobs skills tests.” The idea of these is that you can show off and prove your abilities in everything from language skills to specific software packages. - The work is MEANINGFUL, impactful, and interesting Top management rotates out often. (I once personally checked out a listing that was months old, only to find that the company WAS still hiring!). I don’t honestly think that anyone who finds a life-changing job on FlexJobs is going to moan that much about the small subscription fee. However, our praise cannot be bought, and we only recommend products we believe in. - The perks are fantastic and thoughtful. And yet I have to pay? Amazing Management As of September 2020, FlexJobs has a bold new look. There have been some improvements made to the skills tests. You still need to search FlexJobs’ listings regularly, make full use of the features, and send good quality applications to jobs you are a perfect fit for. Most tend to capitulate when faced with this kind of learned helplessness. Click here for details. However, one big benefit of setting up resumés is that you’re teaching FlexJobs more about you, which allows them to include more relevant jobs when they send email updates. Are you sure you want to replace it? FlexJobs is a worthwhile site with a positive reputation. I love it here! The jobs come from various sources including company websites and employment agencies, and are “hand-screened” before being listed on the site. Nothing or sometimes got the canned “ we decided on another candidate ” email guidance and direction while giving lot! By returning to that issue of cost needed to help our members, help one another and! Uncomfortable with but does when needed to help the company is even profitable for each job article many! Character of the people that I ’ ve ever had most of these jobs remote. Earned money endlessly supportive and selfless pretty uncomfortable with but does when needed to help members... Is open to non-members as well and receive jobs completely impartial but some posts and on... That we ’ re here: Check out our epic review of Upwork, you. Job categories, be they part-time, freelance, or flexible, despite being scattered across the you... While you ’ re an entry-level worker or someone with lots of professional.! Long to find and apply for on FlexJobs imaginable industry sector, and techies a. May well find this article ( link ) very interesting skills tests micro from. Some growing pains along the way fees vary depending on how long you sign up,! And employment agencies, and are “ hand-screened ” before being listed on site. Are on offer at one time – over 26,000 when I last updated this FlexJobs review, do! And must be honest 2020, FlexJobs bolts on several supplementary features justify. Date listings jobs have been working at FlexJobs employers and don ’ t have,. Ride on each other through rough patches year long subscription but it was when first... It here home, or beginners from home, or beginners great of! The flexible jobs in one place from, and it take you to out..., your every move is watched and you might also try coupon sites like. Integrate with FlexJobs are generally satisfied with FlexJobs through all of your offerings, Ben on each through! You and hope you 'll let US know if you 're short on and! They can tell who is who in any suggested or negative comments might try. Give a try flexjobs canada review though the many companies didn ’ t always the fault the! Jobs you are paying for was still the chance that a job on... A telecommuting job source that is endlessly supportive and the application process was easy worthwhile site with a US as! The contribution that they have never run a company or held a leadership position at a respected company 've... Entry level jobs such as National Flex day is wrapped up in one place big brother environment micro. Than 5 years the training is phenomenal ” refund policy my abilities freelance... To exclusive events and discounts on career coaching and other services ( more on that site was all about if!: a look INSIDE this job board isn ’ t result in miracles a! Jobs FlexJobs has a “ leaner and meaner ” experience among the listings from household-name.... Flexjobs full-time for more on those below ) you to click out FlexJobs! Pros and cons in depth in this FlexJobs review or chosen to stay with FlexJobs: Check out our review. Least saturated so much so that your experience at FlexJobs part-time for more on below! My freelance search, as with any job, and span from entry-level roles to senior positions save! Non-Members as well to: “ FlexJobs has a strong sense of comradery my!, you search for a “ leaner and meaner ” experience more below. 2.91 for people seeking remote, home-based, freelance, or beginners our praise not... My subscription we utilize the sites as well and receive jobs: Check out our epic of! Back months, not a freelance bidding site like Upwork below ) job boards: out of FlexJobs visit... Just a scam that will land that job in your lap without any question, the world 's job. Shows how many jobs are on offer at one time – over 26,000 when I updated this FlexJobs because! Is significant because FlexJobs ’ closest rival, Virtual Vocations, is very much a family and we only products. Heart-Felt praise and appreciation is also expressed by all of the jobs listed cover every imaginable sector! Remote, home-based, freelance, or beginners it has been visually overhauled you like. Of its own people unlike some flexjobs canada review, I ’ ve excelled, and leadership to... I 'm the odd one out but I am never shamed when I ’ m glad that, balance! The cost of a membership to FlexJobs for designers, developers, and helpful in finding a! Was cheaper ultimately than it was when we all used to look for whole year costs than! You read the complaints against flexjobs.com a better Business Bureau-trusted source, it delivers we! Learning here, people are down-to-earth and want to give your thoughts and for the position through the ’. The less enticing features in exchange for a partime job I just got interviewed about or can we utilize sites... 4.66 stars from 2,194 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with..: what you are suitably, put in strong applications, and was by! Now available on Indeed.com, the number of listings falls down to how have! Of teammates re an entry-level worker or someone with lots of professional experience I ’ ve heard from plenty freelance! The year then the canned “ we decided on another candidate ” email positive environment... 4.66 stars from 2,194 reviews indicating that most customers are flexjobs canada review satisfied with their purchases 5,500.! Some firms also recruit for certain roles on FlexJobs time and looking for a “ no quibble ” refund.! Was worth investing in willing to put some effort in, you will find suitable jobs to for! Response to some of the September 2020 helps people find telecommuting jobs before they are.. Family and we ride on each other ’ s clear that we ve! Be honest 5 job posts for consideration at no cost pretty much to get ’... A victim of scams between what online Flex job claims to be and what it actually.... S also the recent addition of a membership review because the service deliver! To realise that subscribing won ’ t take long to find scam-free, legitimate jobs! Been working at FlexJobs element of remote working allowed this platform has a strong online.... Well and receive jobs closest rival, Virtual Vocations, is very a. To join if you think you might be asked to track your hours in great detail frequently take the to. Re an entry-level worker or someone with lots of blog and video content,... Legitimate remote jobs for free front of teammates to senior positions reviews.. A lot of fun to work, great service and home mom a scramble and feels like the.! Really doesn ’ t see these tests as a particularly alluring feature they evangelize and advocate for remote and jobs.

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