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The 5 Minute Rule

How to respond well to difficult situations and prevent escalation in others.

We are met each day with pre-existing contexts, emotions, and desires. As we encounter the politics of business, our kid’s unyielding pursuit of independence during a tantrum, or the untimely blockade to our day’s goal, our response often includes these aforementioned elements. It’s these elements that add nuance and can cause our obstacles and trials to seem more difficult or challenging than they might otherwise be.

Knowing this, how do we effectively approach and respond well to challenging situations?

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Working hard for something we don't care about is called stress: Working hard for something we love is called passion. ― Simon Sinek

A Rare Journey: MVP to Acquisition

MedAssets + Precyse announced the acquisition of Equation this month. It’s something that our team is incredibly excited about both for our users and the future of our platform. I wanted to take some time and share just a little about the journey.

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Looking into the Shadows

How to drive creativity and solve problems by looking into the shadows.

There is something great about teaching. The opportunity to engage someone else’s thoughts and understanding in a way that expands their view of the world. The funny thing about teaching is that it’s often limited to what you know. It’s very difficult to teach that which you do not know and therefore, how can anyone learn about things which have not been previously understood?

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One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

Or why technical advancements should be distributed across verticals & markets.

In 2010, Twilio launched their text messaging API service and began a revolution of sms-based communications within products and services. Fast forward six years and we’re still seeing a lot of growth around SMS integration and now, the proliferation of SMS-only products and services such as GoButler.

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You can't steer a parked car.

Methods for Problem Solving

Solving problems using the First Principles method and the 5 Whys method.

Creating value and changing the world is all about problem solving. Either socially, economically, or technically. Even if your life pursuit is not about changing the world, you’re still faced with problems big and small every day.

Most problems that occur in life are not usually the root problem. In that, the problem facing you is actually an effect of another problem. When faced with a problem, your first instinct is to quickly resolve it. This is often the case in work environments where the pace is quick and people are looking for answers. The effect of this is that by not addressing the root problem, future problems can and probably will arise.

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Data Science As A Service

Over the past few years, we’ve seen an evolution of services available on the web and in mobile. Initially we had software as a service that was primarily made up of email platforms and then turned into pretty much everything. This included project management, finance, social, content, and everything in between. From there we got platform as a service or architecture as a service. This included APIs, servers, databases, and more. Most of the startups that launched over the past year could be found in this space. Lately however, there appears to be another evolution on the horizon. I’m calling it Data Science or AI as a Service.

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Integrating Devices & Services for Better Success in Achieving Personal Goals

A lot of people make new year’s resolutions that involve a better version of themselves. In fact, this doesn’t stop with new year’s resolutions. We’re always looking for ways to better ourselves. Either through reading, exercising, learning new skills, or even exploring the world. This constant strive for improvement is a good thing, but are we giving ourselves the best chance for success?

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